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Troubleshooting ATV | Dirt Bike



Do not start any machine while it is frozen!
Do not let your battery freeze!
Check oil levels before each use (Dip stick by right footwell ? (10W/40 or 5W/30 in winter)




  • 1/ Add clean 4 stroke gas. (Premium is recommended but not a requirement ? Don't mix with oil)

  • 2/ Open fuel valve ? (Buyang on right side of carburetor / Zstar under left front fender)

  • 3/ Hold/lock brake lever on

  • 4/ Turn on the key ? all the way clockwise

  • 5/ Turn on the red switch located on left side of handlebars. (All way to left or on Zstar models put to center position and push in)

  • 6/ Make sure choke is closed to start ? pull to the left to close. (Lever under the left side switch assembly)

  • For machines with black choke lever on the carburetor ? up is closed, down is open.

  • 7/ Make sure the safety tether is plugged in and engaging adequately

  • 8/ Press the start button ? located on the left hand switch assembly. You may have to feather the throttle lever to get atarted.

  • 9/ Adjust carburetor idle. Located on the left side of the Buyang ATV carburetor behind the black side panel. Turn the gold screw in for more idle.

  • 10/ Once running and warmed up, open choke lever. (Push to right or push lever down)

Sometimes, there can be an air vacuum lock in the fuel line. Remove fuel line where it attaches to the carburetor on the right side behind the black panel. Make sure that fuel is flowing adequately and reattach. You can also turn the screw at the very bottom of the carburetor to drain out some fuel.



  • Make sure that all switches are on.

  • Check battery. Located under the seat ? lever is under the rear taillight (Must be charged with 12 volt 1 or 2 amp trickle charger).

  • Check fuse ? located on the red wire that attaches to the battery.

  • Check wire connections at the battery.

  • Check wire connections under the front brake lever on the handlebars. (Both wires should be connected to the terminals).

  • Check the plug connections under the front of the ATV.

  • Cross the solenoid terminals to see if the machine turns over.




  • Usually means no gas or no spark

  • Check safety tether ? Make sure that the plug is on adequately ? push in with your hand to test.

  • Check that all switches are on.

  • Make sure that fuel valve is open.

  • Make sure that fuel line is not pinched or check for fuel line air lock ? see above

  • Make sure that spark plug coil boot is attached to the plug adequately.

  • Check for spark.

  • Remove spark plug and put a small amount of gas in the spark plug hole. Put everything back in place and try to turn it over. If it fires and stops, it means it is not getting enough gas. Check fuel lines and/or clean carburetor jets. (See below)




  • Check safety tether ? Make sure that the plug is on adequately (hold on with your hand to test).

  • Check spark plug

  • Put a small amount of gas into the spark plug hole, replace everything, and try starting.

  • Replace CDI

  • Replace coil

If the machine makes a clicking noise when you press the start button, check the battery first. Then try crossing the solenoid terminals with a screwdriver or something similar to see if the starter motor turns over. If it turns over, replace the solenoid. If not, you may need to replace the starter.




  • Usually caused by not getting enough gas or air or both

  • Make sure choke is off

  • Make sure that the air filter is not blocked

  • Make sure that the engine vent hose is not blocked

  • Make sure that fuel line is not pinched.

  • Clean carburetor jets




  • Remove spark plug

  • Put spark plug back in coil boot

  • Press the end of the plug up against the engine

  • Turn engine over

  • Does the spark jump across the gap?




  • Remove carburetor from machine.

  • Unscrew the float bowl at the bottom. Two screws

  • Make sure that there is no debris in the bowl.

  • Unscrew the two jets with a flat head screwdriver. Jets are gold.

  • Blow both jets out with a compressor or carburetor cleaner.

  • Replace.




  • Usually this is caused by the float sticking or a tiny piece of dirt on the float needle

  • Remove Carburetor.

  • Remove float bowl (2 screws at bottom of carburetor)

  • Remove float

  • Clean needle and the needle hole

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