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Our History


Being a very dedicated and "self confessed" spoiler of my son, I decided to try to find the ultimate toy for his eight birthday in 2003.  My search began by looking all over the city  for an affordable, reliable, extreme and safe motorized vehicle.

It quickly became evident that I had three choices:  purchase a top performance racing Go Cart for $3000.00 to $4000.00, try to find all the parts and build my own Go Cart, or buy one of those small plastic, electric, underpowered vehicles from a local toy store....(you know the one's I am talking about).

None of these options appealed to me, so I went on a web search. After a lengthy search of the web, that must have taken me a month, I came across the Road Rat Go Carts products. I knew right away that these Carts were perfect for my needs or should I say my son's needs. I am way too old for that right? They were compact, very fast, and, best of all, I could ride them too.

Well, that was the beginning of quite a ride in itself. The very process of purchasing and shipping my Cart became very stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. However, being a "dedicated" father, and having a "never say die" attitude (unless of course it snows) I could not be beaten down by red tape.

The process involved lengthy discussions with Transport Canada, Canada Customs, shipping companies, Customs Brokers, Dealers etc etc. The add-on expenses included; calculating exchange rate, customs fees, GST, shipping fees, duties, excise tax, brokerage fees, etc etc.

FINALLY, after wheeling and dealing for yet another month, I had my Cart, or should I say, my son's cart. It was a blast and my son loved it. It was a real head turner. This is when I decided to import these Carts for his friends and others. The Company evolved from there and has become my passion. The expressions on peoples faces the first time they experience one of our carts, is priceless and fulfilling.

I give you my personal assurance that we will provide you with the very best and most reliable service anywhere. I am committed to providing customers with an excellent product and ongoing support.

Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to contact me at any time.

John M. Plowright
CEO Topfuel Toys Canada now TTC Motorsports Ltd.

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