Features: Live Axle, Two-wheel Drive, Electric Start w/Pull Start Back Up, LED Headlight, Remote Start/Kill, Adjustable Sports Seat, Adjustable Pedal, Five Point Safety Seatbelt, Speed Governor, Horn, Age Group: 3-7 yrs.


Engine Information

EPA and CARB certificated

Engine type: 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled

Displacement: 163cc

Max HP: 5.5hp/3600rpm

Max torque: 8 lb ft/3600rpm

Bore x stroke: 2.6 x 1.8 inches


Climbing ability: 12 degrees

Ignition: C.D.I

Starting system: Electric Start with Pull Start Backup

Battery: 12V 9Ah

Engine oil: SAE 15W-40

General Information

Clutch: Automatic with reverse

Driveline / Driving wheel: Chain / Dual wheel drive

Suspension, F / R: Dual A-arm / Double Oil Damped Shock

Brakes: Rear hydraulic disc

Tires, F / R: 145X70-6 / 16 X8-7

Fuel capacity: 1.2 gal

Weight, G.W. / N.W.:280 / 232 lbs

Max load: 240 lbs

Dimension Information

Wheelbase: 42.6 inches

OA L x W x H: 58.7x38.2x48.8 inches

Height to seat: 13.6 inches

Min ground clearance: 4.02 inches

Pedal to seat back: 30” to 35”; Pedal can also adjusted to 3” or 6” shorter.

TTC FX5 XR Kids Dune Buggy


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